We are visiting from out of town. Is there a Sunday gathering we can attend?

We are only able to host visitors on the first and last Sundays of each month. If you would like to visit on one of those days, please email info@crazylove.org for where to meet.

Am I able to get more information about starting a house church?

Absolutely! We offer trainings in San Francisco through our Church Intensive. Apply here! You can also learn from our leaders through our FREE online church planting course HERE.

Can I officially partner and come under the We Are Church name as a house church planter? 

At this time, the structure is not in place for others to partner with We Are Church in this way.


Can Francis speak at my church?

To request Francis as a speaker you must fill out the Speaker Request form here.


Where can I purchase Francis' books?

Francis' books are sold just about everywhere books are sold, but please visit the Crazy Love Store for some of the best deals.


Where are Francis' most up to date sermons located? Can I download them?

Please see our YouTube channel and crazylove.org for his latest sermons. Also, you can download his featured sermons on the Crazy Love Podcast.


How do you handle childcare?

Each house church takes care of its own childcare needs. For example, one location may have a rotation of parents taking care of the kids, while another may have the older kids take care of the younger kids, or still another may have the kids stay with the rest of the group.


Does We Are Church have any locations outside of the Bay Area?

Not at this time.


How do you handle donations? Are you a non-profit?

Yes, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and you can donate by clicking the “Donate” tab above.


What is done with the money that is given to the church?

One blessing of structuring the church this way is that there is almost zero cost to run it because we have no large programs to run, no buildings to fund, and no staff to pay.  This enables us to use all that money for global and local missions as well as meeting tangible needs.  


Can I intern?

While we don’t have internship needs right now for We Are Church specifically, feel free to email us with a cover letter and resume and we’ll keep it on file.

Recently people have been wondering why Francis chose to participate in certain speaking events.

Here is his response.


Further Questions?

Please keep in mind we do not have the capacity to answer lists of questions by email. If you have many questions and want to hear from our pastors/elders about them, please consider applying for our Church Intensive program.

If you have further questions that aren't answered above, you can contact us at info@crazylove.org.