In 2017, We Are Church has been using the Read Scripture plan that Crazy Love has been developing with The Bible Project. The mission? Get world-class Bible teaching into people’s hands so that they can spend more time alone with God.

This experience is now delivered in an early-stage prototype app that we have been refining over 2016 for an official rollout in 2017. Just to calibrate your expectations, this app is in beta (meaning it’s an early version that’s going to improve), and it is being built by a volunteer squad on nights, weekends, sick days, and holidays. We need your grace. Feedback would be helpful too. Find a bug? Let us know. Have an idea? Tell us.

Please visit the Read Scripture website for more information:


Download the reading app for free!

Don't have an iOS or Android device? Download the Read Scripture Plan and watch the book and theme videos at The Bible Project website: